Which members of Congress have science backgrounds?

Having recently trawled the Internet to find an answer to this question, instead I found hardly any answer at all. So I'm asking for some help...If you know of a Representative or Senator with a background in science, engineering, math, or another related field, please add to the rather meager list I have so far assembled. So far I have all PhDs - but I'm willing to take any degree, college or higher. I'll keep updating this list as I find more Congresspeople with science training.

Rush Holt (NJ-12th), PhD in physics (also a 5 time Jeopardy winner, assistant director of Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, etc.)
Jerry McNerny (CA-11th), PhD in Mathematics
Bill Nelson (FL-Senator), Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Columbia (January 1986) [does anyone have further information about his educational background?]
John Olver (MA-1st), PhD in Chemistry

Vernon Ehlers (MI-3rd), PhD in Nuclear Physics
Ron Paul (TX-14th), MD specializing in OB/GYN - bonus point for being a Presidential candidate


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sheribomb said...

Interesting question... According to this 2006 paper, there are:
13 medical doctors (including a psychiatrist), three dentists, three nurses,
two veterinarians, two psychologists, an optometrist, and one pharmacist;
and two physicists, two chemists, a biomedical researcher, a biomedical
engineer, a geologist, and a microbiologist.

But who are they?? :-)

Emily Therese said...

Rush Holt, Dem (NJ, 12th) - PhD in physics, 5 time Jeopardy winner, assistant director of Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, etc. Read more at his Congressional website.

Carol said...

Finding information about the backgrounds of members of Congress is not that easy. Does anyone know of a website that has such information?

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Full list here: